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Female Barbarians



Aishanna is a human from the frozen wastes of Albadia, where her tribe follows the crescent elk herds. From a young age she learned to survive in the bitter cold and the hard land – she is as capable of surviving in the wild as she is taking care of herself on the field of battle. Aishanna is skilled in the use of her battle axe and prefers to wear light armor. Aishanna has left the life of wandering from her tribe, searching for her brother who she believes is lost. (Aishanna is a Chaotic Good Human 2nd level Barbarian)

Male Barbarians



Chogresh was born to a human slave kept as breeding stock in one of the many orc tribes of the Lede. By the time he was in early adolescence, he knew that he hated the life of the orcs – he was not meant to rape and kill, though the rage came easily to him. It was the last straw when his father killed his mother. Chogresh frenzied and killed the respected orc chieftain, then fought his way out of the tribe’s lands. Now he wanders, seeking meaning in his life. (Chogresh is a Chaotic Neutral Half-orc 2nd level Barbarian.)






The brother of Aishanna, Törgard is a man driven by his visions of a better future for his and all people. Though he feels he was driven out of his lands for the manifestation of his sorcerous talents (traditionally only found among the women of his culture), he also has ideals. He hates the titanspawn that infest the lands and has left his tribe, who he sees as backwards and fearful of contact with the outside world. Törgard wants to aid the world as a whole the best way he can – for now, that means putting his battle axe and spells to their best use. (Törgard is a Neutral Good Human 1st level Barbarian/1st level Sorcerer)