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Female Bards


Asabel Brathar

A lutist and singer, Asabel is a welcome sight whereever she goes. Her pretty face and even finer voice have attracted many of the wrong folk in the past, however. It was then that they learned of her other skill – deadly accuracy with her crossbow. Asabel is fun-loving and enjoys wine and song as much as any; those who would take advantage of her are taught brief and brutal lessons. (Asabel is a Neutral Good Human 2nd level Bard)





Mina Tammashire

Poor Mina. She was always told that she was too ugly, she was too silly and she didn’t try hard enough. Well, Mina was never one to allow the ill words of others to affect her. If she did that, she’d be as downtrodden and depressed as all the other darn halflings! So, away she’s gone, fiddle in hand, to liven the world around her. She’s learned a bit about music and a bit about magic and a bit about adventuring and hungering to learn more about all three. (Mina Tammashire is a Neutral Halfling 2nd level Bard.)

Male Bards


Granthian of Mullis Town

Born the son of a grain merchant and his plump wife, Granthian was always dissatisfied with the life of a merchant and his family. He wanted more. He wanted action, he wanted adventure. So, as soon as he was old enough to do so, he snuck out of his father’s house with a pocketful of gold and convinced a bard to let him apprentice to him. The bard taught him many things, including how to use a sword to perform the rare and breath-taking sword-dances of Darakeene. Unfortunately, his mentor was too good at them and was challenged to a fight by a drunken soldier, who killed him. Granthian worked to improve his own skills with the sword and promptly slew the soldier in vengeance. He is now out to see the world – alone. (Granthian is a Chaotic Good Human 1st level Bard/1st level Fighter.)