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Female Clerics


Corria Redtresses

Corria was orphaned at an early age. She was forced to watch as titanspawn slew her parents when she was but a child; thankfully, a wandering priest of Tanil took her in. He reared her as though she were his own child and it was the proudest day either of them had ever known when she took her vows as a cleric of Tanil. But then, the attack came – serpent-men who served the titans killed him and there was nothing she could do but run. Now, she hunts the serpent-men and all the servants of the titans. (Corria Redtresses is a Chaotic Good Half-elf 1st level Cleric of Tanil/1st level Ranger.)





Jiana of Belsameth

Jiana always knew she was meant to be a witch – the moon told her that when she was young. Though everyone else was afraid of Old Vala, the Witch on the Hill, Jiana used to go up and spy on her. It wasn’t long before she convinced the old woman to teach her Belsameth’s secrets. Jiana used to enjoy the wonder of her secrets, but time has turned her sour and bitter. She wants to be able to trust, but time and again, people’s fear of Belsameth’s witches cause them to hurt her. Now, she has sworn that she will never be hurt again and has even resorted to using that fear as a tool against others. (Jiana of Belsameth is a Neutral Human 1st level Cleric of Belsameth/1st level Sorcerer.)





Mylinna of Corean

Mylinna grew up in the city of Mithril, under the majesty of the great Mithril Golem. She joined the church of Corean as soon as they would allow her. When she was asked why she wanted to become a cleric, she looked her questioner in the face and told him “There is pain in the world. Corean seeks to alleviate it, but he can only do so if he has champions who spread his justice and right the wrongs. That is what I am here to do.” She has been an adventuring cleric of Corean ever since. (Mylinna of Corean is a Lawful Good Human 2nd level Cleric of Corean.)

Male Clerics


Brandis of Fangsfall

Brandis was unhappy as a child – the streets of Fangsfall are chaotic and wild, traits that caused him no end of confusion and fear. His only haven was the church of Hedrada. He took vows in that church as a priest of the Lawmaker and now travels the lands, seeking to aid those who are in need of some kind of law – even if it is only the law that a strong man can bring to the wilds. (Brandis is a Lawful Neutral Half-elf 2nd level Cleric of Hedrada.)





Orselain of Madriel

Orselain lay dying, an old man upon his bed. His life had been one of greed and avarice, a poor man scrabbling for every copper piece he could wrench from the grasp of others. As he died, he prayed a single prayer for forgiveness – not to Corean or Hedrada, the gods of justice and law, but to Madriel, asking not that she forgive him, but that she aid and succor those who had suffered because of him. Suddenly, his room was filled with the bright light of the midday sun and the Angel of Mercy was with him. She touched his brow and he rose from his bed. He has dedicated his life to her and to bringing her mercy to those who have none. (Orselain is a Neutral Good Human 2nd level Cleric of Madirel.)