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Hey, there. Well, here we are, as promised. Ready and willing to put forth a DnD game for you guys. Now, all you need is characters…


There is a couple of things you should know. This game is set in the Scarred Lands, a setting for Dungeons & Dragons released by Sword & Sorcery Studios. It will be really helpful if you take a look at the background information on the setting, which can be found at the following places:


· Basics about the Scarred Lands

· Basics about the Gods of the Scarred Lands

· Basics about the Titans of the Scarred Lands

· A map of the Scarred Lands (a .pdf)


Take some time to read through that stuff. If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask; also Stephan has a copy of the Ghelspad Gazetteer, which further details the areas in which we are going to be playing. Many of the character descriptions say where they are from – info on these specific areas can be found in the Gazetteer, so tackle him at lunch or something. I also have several copies hanging around the house.


And so, on to the characters! The characters have been divided up by class – note that there isn’t a character for each class, race and gender. I am not an equal opportunity employer. * grins * Anyway…here we go with a description of each class:




Fierce warriors from a savage culture, barbarians are capable of entering a berserk frenzy. Very deadly in battle, but don’t usually wear heavy armor.


A wandering musician, storyteller and performer, the bard has mastered all manner of interesting lore and the ability to perform small magical tricks.


A priest of the gods, the cleric dons armor and wields arms for the fight against evil. The cleric is able to use miraculous magics granted to him by his god.


In tune with nature itself, the druid draws his power from the elemental power of the titans, rather than the gods. Though there are indeed worshippers of the evil titans, there are also the priests of Denev, the Earth-mother.


Fighters are the quintessential warriors, skilled at feats of arms. They range from gruff and cold mercenaries to heroes of legend who defend the weak with their force of arms.


The champions of truth and justice, paladins are shining examples of virtue. Blessed by the gods of goodness with powers to help them in their fight against evil, paladins are a shining beacon in an otherwise grim world


Defenders of nature and frontiersmen par excellance, rangers seek out the dangers that exist in the world and destroy them before they can threaten the innocent.


A scoundrel, a thief, a scout, an adventurer. There are as many kinds of rogues as there are rogues, but one thing is for sure – they are sneaky, cunning and silver-tongued. From dirty assassins to cat burglars to merry tricksters, rogues are everywhere.


Some say that sorcerers have tapped into the ambient power of magic itself to cast their spells. Others say that sorcerers have the blood of dragons, demons or angels in them. In any case, sorcerers do not study their arcane secrets – these secrets come to them naturally.


The wizard has studied long and hard, seeking to understand and unlock the arcane secrets and formulae that make up her art. Now she wields power that others only dream of – she is a studious mage, however, needing her grimoire to prepare her spells every day.