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Female Druids


Eäronwen of the Oaks

Eäronwen is one of the Jordeh, the order of elven druids that tend the Ganjus Forest, a site sacred to the Earth-mother Denev. She wears her seemingly bloody tattoos as a reminder that Denev was horribly wounded during the Titanswar and must be healed. She has set out into the world in order to heal those wounds and return the land to its pristine condition, as well as destroy the unnatural abominations that were created by the blood of the titans. (Eäronwen is a Neutral Wood Elf 2nd level Druid.)





Molara of the Kelders

Growing up, Molara wasn’t like the rest of her clan. She never hungered for war, or to craft fine goods. Rather, she enjoyed walking through the high mountain passes and peering from the peaks of the mountains at the world beneath her. Then, one day, she realized that the world at her feet wasn’t simple geography – rather, it was the very face of the Mother of Mountains, Denev. Molara has a been a druid ever since. (Molara is a Neutral Good Mountain Dwarf 2nd level Druid.)

Male Druids


Thalar Wolf-son

Thalar’s parents died in titanspawn raids. As a small boy, he fled into the forests near his home, pursued by the creatures. He stumbled into a den of dire wolves, who promptly tore the creatures apart – they would have turned on the boy, save that the alpha female of the pack had recently lost her own pups to the creatures. She defended him and he grew to adulthood running with the pack, learning their ways through listening to their spirits and those of the wild itself. His pack was recently slain, except for Fur-like-Smoke, his pack-brother. Now, the two venture out into the world in order to strike at the unnatural beasts responsible for the deaths of his pack. (Thalar is a Chaotic Neutral Human 2nd level Druid.)