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Female Fighters


Quel’la Amantha

Quel’la was the only daughter of a captain in the Calastian Army. She was raised to assist him however she could – there was no mother to keep house or cook. However, she was also his beloved child and he passed on to her the only thing he could – his fighting skills. When he was killed in action, Quel’la decided that though there were women in the army, there was no place for a female leader. So now, she has set out into the world to find her destiny – or to make it. (Quel’la is a Lawful Neutral Human 2nd level Fighter.)






Velthia grew up taunted and hated for her half-orc blood – and that was her own family. Her mother had been raped by orcs during a caravan trip and she was the result, something that her mother’s husband and her half-siblings never let her forget. As soon as she was old enough, she fled her family and hasn’t looked back since. She has made her living as a mercenary and mace-for-hire, with a taste for adventure. (Velthia is a Chaotic Neutral Half-orc 2nd level Fighter.)

Male Fighters


Dasbrith Keen-axe

Dasbrith grew up fighting in the pit fights of Fangsfall, in the rougher sections of town where the law held little sway. Though he originally fought to earn money, he found himself eventually becoming something of a hero for the young of the area. He takes his responsibility as a hero very seriously and is very conscious of what others may think of him – after all, there are children that idolize him, so he must show them the noble way to live! (Dasbrith is a Neutral Good Human 2nd level Fighter.)





Durondel Rune-gunne

Durondel is known for two things – his outrageous battle tactics and his rune-inscribed musket. A fierce warrior fond of explosions and fire, Durondel has also studied the ways of wizardry, gaining some skill in alchemy and spells that aid him in combat. (Durondel is a Chaotic Good Mountain Dwarf 1st level Fighter/1st level Wizard.)






Osklanthin is simply a sword-for-hire. His edge is that he is professional, courteous and consise. He cannot abide sloppy work or poor planning. His one weakness is undoubtedly a pretty face, which turns him into something of a shy, bumbling boy-like wreck – which, combined with his clean-shaven strong features, many women find irresistible. (Osklanthin is a Lawful Neutral Half-elf 2nd level Fighter.)






Teronn has made his living as a warrior and bandit for quite a long time, raiding those merchant caravans that strayed into the territory of he and the Lions of Gold, his bandit company. Recently, however, they were attacked in the deeps of the night and nearly everyone was slaughtered. Only Teronn escaped, as far as he knows. To this day, his dreams are haunted by strange, mad eyes and horrible fangs in the darkness. (Teronn is a Chaotic Neutral 1st level Fighter/1st level Rogue.)





Thalkis of Hedrad

Thalkis has studied the ways of the exemplar for many years, learning to unlock the strengths of his body as well as his spirit. Now, the two combine to give him great abilities – Thalkis seeks nothing less than the perfection of self promised by Hedrada to those willing to dedicate themselves to his work. (Thalkis is a Lawful Neutral Half-orc 1st level Fighter/1st level Sorcerer.)





Tulparil of the Chains

Tulparil is something of an oddity among his people The elves of Vera-tre tend to prefer thin, elegant weapons when they must wage war – not Tulparil. He puts the great finesse of his elven frame to use with his whirling spiked chain, proving to be a great danger to those who threaten the elven people or those they consider allies. Now, he is out in the world on the path to adventure for reasons known only to himself. (Tulparil is a Neutral Wood Elf 2nd level Fighter.)