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Female Paladins


Claera Soundhammer

Claera is the perfect dwarven woman, at least according to everyone around her. She is witty, proud and strong. She doesnít take any gruff from anyone, but neither is she sharp-tongued. She is no-nonsense and kindly, willing to extend a hand to help a stranger. She serves Hedrada, the Hammer-god. (Claera is a Lawful Good Mountain Dwarf 2nd level Paladin.)




Male Paladins


Althaen Nine-forges

Servant of Goran. Scion of the Nine-forges Clan. Althaen is all this and more. Known among his people as a staunch defender of the dwarven folk and the principles of honor and justice, Althaen serves the dwarf-god Goran with strength and solidity. (Althaen is a Lawful Good Mountain Dwarf 2nd level Paladin.)





Androcletian of Uria

One of the rare Elves of Uria who worship the god Corean, Androcletian has decided to do something unheard of among his people Ė he has ventured out into the world, believing that he can do no good sitting on his peopleís island while there is evil to be battled in the world. He is skilled with the lance and hopes to one day prove to be worthy of handling one of his peopleís Great Harriers. (Androcletian is a Lawful Good Wood Elf 2nd level Paladin.)





Corm of Mithril

Corm of Mithril was raised in the shadow of the Mithril Golem. He grew up learning the principles of the Coreanic faith and discovered a skill at arms, becoming a simple fighter because he didnít think that he was worthy of becoming a paladin. It was shortly thereafter that he discovered a truth about himself and Coreanís creed Ė worth is measured in many ways and a humble man can serve Corean as well as any grand knight. Corm is now counted among the paladins of the city of Mithril, though he is out in world seeking to bring Coreanís light to those trapped in the darkness. (Corm is a Lawful Good Human 1st level Fighter/1st level Paladin.)






Ranton grew up in the Calastian Hegemony, poor just like all the other halflings. He watched as his family and people took Virdukís handouts as though they were some kind of great gift while toiling for him in near slavery night and day. They were treated horribly and had no justice to call upon, for even the law in Calastia favored the strong Ė which does not include halflings, normally. One night, Ranton woke to a call from a being that he has since identified as Corean. He now serves Corean and is always looking for a way to free his people. For now, though, he has had to flee Calastia for beating a soldier who sought to force himself on a young woman. (Ranton is a Lawful Good Halfling 2nd level Paladin.)





Sir Matthias

Blonde haired and blue eyed, Sir Matthias seems to be an archetypical hero come to life. He carries himself with what he thinks is nobility and grace of demeanor, but is actually arrogance and cool disdain for everyone around him. Those who know him well wonder how long before that arrogance gets the best of him, causing him to Fall. (Sir Matthias is a Lawful Good Human 2nd level Paladin.)