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Female Rangers



The daughter of wandering tinkers, Amara learned how to defend herself at a young age. Her parents were taken by the necromancers of Glivid Autel; as a result, she despises the undead, hunting them and destroying them with her sickle and short sword, that their souls might rest. Amara also has discovered some bardic talents recently, which she has put to good use. (Amara is a Chaotic Good Human 1st level Ranger/1st level Bard.)





Nestirallë of Vera-tre

Nestirallë is a defender of the woodlands. She despises those creatures warped by the Titanswar, for they prey not only on innocent folk but on the creatures of the forest as well, destroying the delicate natural balance there. Nestirallë has taken an oath to destroy such abominations. (Nestirallë is a Neutral Good Wood Elf 2nd level Ranger.)

Male Rangers


Eäwonn of Vesh

Eäwonn has wanted to be a Vigilant for as long as he can remember – for him, the stories he heard of the good that the Vigils of Vesh do in the world left an indelible mark. To him, the Vigilants are all heroes, risking their lives for the betterment of the world around them. Now, he is one of them, filled with dreams and youthful exhuberance. (Eäwonn is a Neutral Good Human 2nd  level Ranger.)





Eldrom of the Swan

Eldrom is a renegade and bandit from the Calastian Hegemony. He hates the forces of King Virduk, whom he blames for the miseries of his people there. Unfortunately, his tactics of “stealing from the rich humans to give to the poor halflings” has backfired and he is a wanted man. So, he is fleeing the Hegemony, at least until such a time as they don’t expect him to return. (Eldrom is a Chaotic Good Halfling 2nd level Ranger.)






Nórelin was taught to love and defend the Ganjus. He does so, with all his heart and a willingness to lay down his life. He has found himself battling the Slitheren rat-men many times in the past, so often in fact that they are his favored enemy. He has no patience for those who have truck with them, as many humans often do. Nórelin has been sent into the world to learn that patience by his elders, for hot headedness ill serves a defender of the last pure forest on Ghelspad. (Nórelin is a Neutral Wood Elf 2nd level Ranger.)