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Female Rogues


Sharga of Mullis Town

Growing up on the streets is rough for anyone; it was certainly difficult for a young half-orc girl. But Sharga is tough and willing to do what it takes to survive – even if that means using her punch-dagger on some poor unsuspecting idiot that has it coming. Sharga prefers not to kill, however. She is excellent in the arts of stealth, as she learned the best way to survive to be unseen. (Sharga is a Neutral Half-orc 1st level Rogue/1st level Fighter.)




Male Rogues


Andamil the Raven

Andamil has chosen to be cast out from his people, for his life is steeped in death. The wood elves of Vera-tre are a people who celebrate life; Andamil, however, sees himself as a harbinger of death for those creatures that would harm the peace of his home. So, for love of his home, he has left it and entered the cold world to hunt titanspawn. (Andamil is a Lawful Neutral Wood Elf 1st level Rogue/1st level Ranger.)






Jalian is an ace at most missile weapons and he knows it. He especially favors strange throwing stars crafted of metal and tainted with a smear of giant wasp poison, which slows and eventually paralyzes its targets. Jalian is an expert at launching these stars from hiding, striking vulnerable areas. (Jalian is a Neutral Human 2nd level Rogue.)






Jheldin was the street rat child of a prostitute, who was far too busy to bother with something as tedious as rearing a child. So, he fell in with the various groups of street urchins that invariably develop in urban environments. It wasn’t until the man whose purse he tried to cut whirled around and snatched up Jhelin’s purse, catching his hand in the process that he understood what religion was about. That man, who taught him the ways of the Trickerster God Enkili, has since returned to his wanderings, alone, leaving Jheldin to begin his own adventures, all as a tribute to Enkili. (Jheldin is a Chaotic Neutral Human 1st level Rogue/1st level Cleric of Enkili.)





Jollodar Branwick

Likeable, childish and fun-loving are all terms to describe Jollodar. But, so are irascible, aggravating and patience-testing. Jollodar considers all of life a challenge – it must be made more fun, despite what miseries it throws at you. Those close to Jollodar know that, like many halflings who have seen poverty and violence, he tries desperately to deny unhappiness. (Jollodar is a Chaotic Good Halfling 2nd level Rogue.)





Sorvast Mannorm

Dashing and gallant, with the charms to win the favor of almost anyone, Sorvast enjoys life with a flair and a laugh. He is as quick with his silver tongue as he is with his rapier, and heavens help anyone he takes a dislike to – he is as fine a duelist with his blade as he is with his wits. Sorvast has spent some time aboard sailing ships and hails originally from the decadent city of Shelzar, in the south of Ghelspad. (Sorvast is a Neutral Good Human 1st level Rogue/1st level Fighter.)