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Female Sorcerers


Tia Brucklestone

Tia’s powers first manifested as she watched the large dogs of the local guardhouse run to attack her older brother, who was trying to fend them off to give her time to escape. The guards had decided to set the big dogs on the small halfling children as an afternoon’s past-time. She snatched up a rock and hurled it, striking both dogs. What happened next is still kind of foggy, but suffice it to say that she and her brother managed to escape. She now wanders, learning to use her powers. (Tia is a Chaotic Good Halfling 2nd level Sorcerer.)




Male Sorcerers


Merekin Wyrmsblood

Merekin has had dreams of flying. Not just the regular dreams that everyone has; oh, no. In his dreams, he has massive fangs and claws. Mighty wings carry him aloft and he soars through the sky, the undisputed draconic king of all he surveys. He is sure there is dragon blood in his lineage somewhere. Now, all he needs to do is learn to tap into it. (Merekin is a Neutral Good Human 2nd level Sorcerer.)






A citizen of decadent Shelzar, Psianthus belongs to a family of merchants in competition with another rich family. This feud has carried over to nearly deadly concerns – Psianthus’ father has sent him away, for fear that the rival family may kidnap or kill him as a means of revenge or controlling him. So now, Psianthus roams the lands, garnering enough power to return to Shelzar and assist his father. (Psianthus is a Lawful Neutral Human 1st level Sorcerer/1st level Rogue.)






Tattooed and blonde, Virondil is a one of the many adventurers to come out of the forest nation of Vera-tre. His mastery of battle and battle magics both have served him well in numerous situations where only one or the other might have failed him. (Virondil is a Chaotic Good Wood Elf 1st level Sorcerer/1st level Fighter.)