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Female Wizards



Erlundra showed a talent for academic learning at a young age, when her uncle – a Calastian battle mage – taught her to read. Proud of his niece’s prowess, she taught her some spells and helped her scribe out her first spellbook. Unfortunately, the battle mages discovered and have applied pressure to her to join them, which she will not do, knowing they serve Virduk. So, Erlundra has fled Calastia and now seeks her way in the world. (Erlundra is a Lawful Good Human 2nd level Wizard.)





Siranirya Starleaf

Siranirya is one of the elves of Vera-tre, trained in the ways of magic and archery. She aspires to join the elite Arcane Archers one day; for now, though, she adventures, gaining knowledge of both martial and magical lore. She is fond of spells that aid her archery. (Siranirya is a Chaotic Good Wood Elf 1st level Wizard/1st level Ranger.)

Male Wizards


Kulargus the Auric

Kulargus knows the power in gold. He discovered it first when he was young; it seemed as though the gold called to him, even from within the veins of ore in the mountains. He learned to harness that power through the runic magics of his people. To this day, most of his spells have some kind of golden manifestation as he casts. (Kulargus is a Chaotic Good Mountain Dwarf 2nd level Wizard.)





Rylian of Hollowfaust

Rylian is used to people fearing him. After all, he comes from the dreaded Hollowfaust, City of Necromancers. And isn’t he himself a necromancer. Rylian is indeed, a necromancer, but his interest in the dead lies in what it can teach him about the living – anatomy and physiology are his interests. Rylian treats those who greet him with fear with a sort of tired sigh and doesn’t bother to disavow people of their misunderstandings anymore. They never believe him anyway. (Rylian is a Lawful Neutral Human 2nd level Necromancer.)